Do you like to walk, meet the locals, find cultural places and discover small hidden restaurants and large shops? There are many options within walking distance of the hotel, on foot or through the nearby bus terminal.

Hotel Kavia

Famous Beaches

Great beaches around the hotel zone of Cancun

Hotel Kavia

Restaurants and bars

Many culinary options nearby

Hotel Kavia

Market 28

Find everything at 28 Street Market

Hotel Kavia

Beach club

Beach club in Mandala Beach

Hotel Kavia

Garrafón Park

Garrafón Park in Isla Mujeres

Hotel Kavia

ADO Bus Station

The bus terminal is only 5 minutes away

Hotel Kavia

Malecon Americas

The main shopping center in downtown Cancun

Hotel Kavia

Football stadium

The `` Andrés Quintana Roo Stadium ''

Hotel Kavia

Plaza La Isla

Cancun bullring, concert venue and canteens

Hotel Kavia


Cancun bullring, concert venue and canteens.

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